Defense of Convoy MGX-1403
Battlesign RMN vs RHN PN
ConflictHavenite Operation Perseus
- First Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1905 PD
PlaceDeep space
grav wave between Manticore and Grendelsbane
ResultHavenite minor victory

a convoy escort of
the Royal Manticoran Navy

People's Navy
Cruiser Squadron 9


Capt. (JG) Zilwicki

Cdre Reichman

  • 2 CL
  • 3 DD

6 CA


all warships destroyed

  • 3 CA destroyed
  • 1 CA damaged

Before the official declaration of war a convoy of three freighters and two freighter-transports[1] was sent for Grendelsbane Station. The cargo was machine tools, shipyard mechs and remotes and over six thousand technicians and their families.[2] During a passage along some grav wave the convoy was ambushed by Havenite cruisers, hidden in a grav wave bubble. The RMN escort lost all its ships, but convoyed ships managed to escape. (HH3, CS3)

Order of battleEdit

Royal Manticoran NavyEdit

Commanding Officer – Captain (JG) Helen Zilwicki

  • cruiser element, including Captain Zilwicki’s unit
  • destroyer element, including HMS Hotspur, Lieutenant Commander McAllister commanding

People's NavyEdit

Cruiser Squadron 9 - Commanding Officer - Commodore Annette Reichman


  1. Including Carnarvon.
  2. Including Capt. Anton Zilwicki and his daughter Helen Zilwicki.

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