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"Deck Load Strike", written by Roland J. Green, is the fifth short story in the second Honorverse anthology Worlds of Honor, first published in 1999.

Timeframe: 1907 PD

Plot Edit

The planet Silvestria, located close to a terminus of the Erewhon Wormhole Junction, is home to two low-tech warring nations. The strategic relevance of Silvestria is not lost to the Manticorans and their Havenite enemies. A war by proxy between both Silvestrian nations break out, with the Canmore Republic receiving support from Manticore and Erewhon, and the Kingdom of Chuiban being assisted by Havenite forces.

Major Shuna Ryder of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps has come to Silvestria with her team of covert advisers, and now they are conducting battle simulations to try and find a way to defend Canmore with its own comparably primitive hardware.

Background Edit

This story takes place a T-year and a half after the outbreak of the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

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Loren Bexo | Bira | Carl Euvinophan | Shuna Ryder | Jonathan Simpson | Jean Testaniere | Paul Weldon

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Canmore Republic | Kingdom of Chuiban | Republic of Erewhon | People's Republic of Haven | Star Kingdom of Manticore

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Broadman Imports | Buwayjon | Central Sea | Conforming Wee Free Kirk | Dunedin Pass | Elephant | Elephant Temple | Erewhon Wormhole Junction | Nautilus | Pechili Consortium | Point Luchuin | Port Malcolm | Royal City | Royal Manticoran Marine Corps | Sea Fencibles | Silvestrian icefish | Sir Patrick Spens | Strathspey Islands

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