The death and state funeral of Howard Clinkscales occured on the planet Grayson in 1920 PD.

Howard Samson Jonathan Clinkscales, patriarch of his clan, former general of the Protectorate Security Detachment and regent of Harrington Steading, died from natural causes after a long life. Due to his public profile and his close relationship to Honor Harrington and Protector Benjamin IX, he was honored in a funeral mass in the Protector's Cathedral in Austin City.

Illness and death of Howard Clinkscales Edit

By 1920 PD, Howard Clinkscales had lived for over 92 years, a respectable age for a pre-prolong Grayson. However, his health declined and he eventually fell into a coma from which the doctors feared him not to wake up again. His non-Grayson friends, especially Honor Harrington, took this particulary hard since they were used to being around prolong recipients who would live more than twice as long.

Clinkscales did not recover, and died in the hospital some time later. (HH11)

Funeral mass Edit

The funeral mass for Clinkscales was held in the Protector's Cathedral in the planetary capital of Austin City. The Reverend Jeremiah Sullivan himself, leader of the Church of Humanity Unchained, gave the opening prayer and supervised the ceremony.

Among those present were Protector Benjamin IX, Honor Harrington with her parents and siblings, James MacGuiness, Nimitz, Willard Neufsteiler, Alfredo Yu, Warner Caslet, Cynthia Gonsalves, Henri and Harriet Benson-Dessouix, and Susan Phillips, as well as diplomats from half a dozen other worlds, including the ambassadors of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Andermani Empire.[1]

The coffin was draped in the planetary flag of Grayson and the flag of Harrington Steading, with the silver staff of the Harrington Regent and the sword of the Commanding General of Planetary Security lying on top of it. (HH11)

" 'And his lord said unto him, well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.'[2] Brothers and Sisters in God, we are gathered today in the sight of the Tester, the Intercessor, and the Comforter to celebrate the life of Howard Samson Jonathan Clinkscales, beloved husband of Bethany, Rebecca, and Constance, father of Howard, Jessica, Marjorie, John, Angela, Barbara, and Marian, servant of the Sword, Regent of Harrington Steading, and always and in all ways the faithful servant of the Lord our God. I ask you now to join me in prayer, not to mourn his death, but to commemorate his triumphant completion of the Great Test of life as today he enters indeed into the joy of his Lord."
— Reverend Jeremiah Sullivan[3]

Memory Edit

As was tradition on Grayson, the funeral mass was concluded with the Memory, the remembering and sharing of cherished moments with the deceased. The first to speak was Protector Benjamin, remembering how he fell from a tree as a child and how Clinkscales comforted him. Next was Honor Harrington, remembering her first meeting with him, followed by Carson Clinkscales, who remembered how his uncle had brought him the news of his father's death. A Brigadier General of Planetary Security next remembered his first day under then-Captain Clinkscales' command.

All in all, the Memory, a ritual that normally took about twenty minutes, went on for three hours. (HH11)

Funeral Edit

While Clinkscales remains were interred in the Garden of Memory, a small portion was given to Steadholder Harrington for the Harrington Garden, so that, according to Clinkscales' will, a part of him would be close to his Steadholder.

What followed was an important event: in realization of how close the Clinkscales family was to her, Lady Honor Harrington, Steadholder Harrington, established a blood bond between Howard's clan and her own, thus binding the fate of the two families together for all time. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. Of course, the entire Clinkscales Clan was also present.
  2. Matthew 25:23
  3. At All Costs, Chapter 3

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