de Sangro
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de Sangro
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de Sangro was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the State Security Ground Forces.

Biography Edit

A native of San Martin, de Sangro joined State Security and rose to the rank of captain in the ground forces. By 1911 PD, she was assigned as second-in-command to one of StateSec's contingents onboard Secretary of Public Information Cordelia Ransom's personal ship, the battlecruiser PNS Tepes. When her detachment commander was killed by the treecat Nimitz during Honor Harrington's sentencing at DuQuesne Base, Captain de Sangro succeeded him and took charge of Harrington until the latter could be left in Tepes' brig for her transportation to Hades.

Captain de Sangro died with the rest of Tepes' crew after the Allied prisoners being held onboard escaped from custody and destroyed the battlecruiser. (HH7)

Character Edit

As a San Martino, de Sangro's native language was Spanish, and she often mixed Spanish words and epithets in her speech, such as chica (girl) and puta (whore), these ones directed at Honor Harrington. (HH7)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Captain

Posts Edit

  • SSGF Detachment, PNS Tepes

References Edit

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