David class schematic
Name: David class
Type: Light cruiser
Affiliation: Protectorate of Grayson
Date Introduced: 1904 PD
Mass: 130,500 tons
Length: 443 m
Beam: 46 m
Draught: 35 m
Acceleration: 517.6 G
Armament: Broadside:
6M, 5L, 6CM, 4PD
2M, 1G, 3CM, 3PD

The David class was a light cruiser design used by the Grayson Space Navy, the locally-built variant of the Manticoran Apollo class.

Externally the two classes were similar, the David-class possessed the additional countermissile tubes of the Flight IV Apollo, while returning to the same number of broadside mounts as the original Apollo design. In addition, the Graysons replaced one broadside laser mount with a sixth missile tube and upgraded the chase energy mounts to grasers.  Hull space constraints did not allow the total missile loadout to be increased, so each launcher dropped from 20 to 16 missiles.

David-class units were much better armed than the Joshua class, but the defenses were not much better than those of the smaller ship.

The class proved very useful operationally in the independent duties to which the GSN would not assign destroyers. Its defenses were more than adequate for its primary roles of commerce protection, commerce raiding, anti-piracy, and picket work; its operational endurance was superior, even for a light cruiser.

The GSN worked the eighteen ships of the David-class hard over their lifetimes. By 1921 PD, almost every senior commander had spent a few years of his early career in command of one of them on one of Grayson's few detached duty stations. (Companion)

Known vessels Edit

  • GNS David - Lead ship of the class
  • GNS Nathan (CL-14)

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