Daniel McRae was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the Office of State Security. In reality, McRae was the cover identity used by Victor Cachat during his infiltration of the Mesa System.

McRae claimed to have been on Terra during the Manpower Incident and he and his Scrag girlfriend Yana were among the few who got out alive and intact.

On Mesa, McRae was interviewed by Cybille DuChamps who validated his claim to bave been a member of Oscar Saint-Just's inner circle. Based on that confirmation, Jurgen Dusek boss of the Neue Rostock seccy district believed there would a commission to be made if Adrian Luff hired McRae. Triêu Chuanli arranged a further test at the Rhodesian Rendezvouz. By passing the test, McRae proved himself to be a legitimate prospect for employment. (CS2)

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