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Damián Dueñas was a Solarian bureaucrat.

Born to parents from a farm planet, he had risen to governor of the Saltash System by 1922 PD. After receiving a message from his sister concerning the Star Empire of Manticore's plans to withdraw its merchant shipping from Solarian League territory, he ordered the seizure of two Manticoren merchantmen, the Argonaut and the Carolyn, for a "medical quarantine". With this action, he hoped to provoke a Manticoran response that he could use to strengthen his profile.

However, the RMN detached Destroyer Squadron 301 under Commodore Jacob Zavala to find and retrieve the merchant ships and their crews. When Governor Dueñas denied his request to hand over the prisoners, Zavala ordered his ships to attack. The Solarian battlecruiser group defending the system was completely destroyed. (HH14)

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