The Dague was a warship of the Gaston Navy, a heavy cruiser at least.[1]

After the Gaston System had been invaded by the People's Republic of Haven, Dague's commanding officer refused to obey the cease-fire order, causing the crew to be sentenced for piracy. The skipper and senior officers were executed, while the junior officers were sent off to the Havenite prison planet Hades.

One of Dague's junior marine officers was Lieutenant Henri Dessouix of the Gaston Marine Corps, initially incarcerated in some camp together with his people.[2] (HH8)

References Edit

  1. suppositiion - if Marine officer in rank of Lieutenant was a junior officer there, Marine complement should be a company-size at least, with a Captain in charge; according to Havenite standards the smallest warship carring a Marine company could be a heavy cruiser (Jayne's)
  2. non-contradictory conclusion - his prison mates should be other junior marine officers, it is not certain about non-coms

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