Cutthroat was a Solarian-built Gladiator-class heavy cruiser manned by Silesian pirates working for Manpower Inc..

The ship, under the command of Juliette Morakis, was secretly stationed in the Tiberian System along with her sister ships Fortune Hunter, Mörder and Predator.

In 1918 PD, after Cutthroat and her sister ships had destroyed both the Havenite freighter RHMS Windhover and the Erewhonese destroyer ENS Star Warrior, the Royal Manticoran Navy sent the heavy cruiser HMS Gauntlet to Tiberian. Soon after the Manticoran ship's arrival, the Battle of Tiberian took place, in which all four pirate vessels were destroyed. (HHA4.6: TSotS)

Gladiator-class heavy cruisers
Solarian League Navy SLNS Gladiator
Manpower Unlimited Cutthroat | Fortune Hunter | Mörder | Predator

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