Cruiser Squadron 9 was a tactical unit of the People's Navy. Until 1905 PD it comprised six Scimitar- class heavy cruisers.

In 1905 PD, the squadron was sent on a mission to ambush a Manticoran convoy on the way to the Grendelsbane System. The squadron lost three of its six ships with another one damaged, when the Manticoran escort's senior officer, Captain Zilwicki, engaged Peolpe's Navy to protect the convoy. As the result the entire Manticoran escort was destroyed[1], but the five convoyed ships managed to escape.[2] (HH3)

Known Personnel Edit

References Edit

  1. 2 CL, 3 DD, including HMS Hotspur.
  2. Three freighters and two freighter-transports, including Carnarvon, bound for Grendelsbane Station with machine tools, shipyard mechs and remotes and over six thousand technicians and their families.

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