The Crown Commission on Treecats was originally formed under the orders of Queen Elizabeth I[1] to evaluate the level of possible sentience of treecats shortly after their discovery by Stephanie Harrington in January 1519 PD. The commission was headed by Dr. Sanura Hobbard. (SK1)

In late 1521 PD the commission hired Dr. Bradford Whittaker and other members of Urako University to determine the Treecats level of sentience. (SK2)

In 1915 PD, Queen Elizabeth III ordered another commission to evaluate the integration of treecats and the upgrading of their legal status with the possibility of full citizenship under Manticoran law. This was done shortly after treecats publicly demonstrated the use of sign language for the first time. The commission was headed by Dr. Adelina Arif. (HH9, HH13, SI2)

Known Members of the CommissionEdit

References Edit

  1. in the early 16th Century PD

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