A contraceptive implant was a medical device used by human females to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Naval use Edit

All active-duty female personnel of the Royal Manticoran Navy eligible for shipboard duty were required to maintain contraceptive implants to prevent accidental pregnancy aboard ship during a deployment. The Navy's standard implant, made available to all female personnel, was fully effective in almost all cases. It was good for one T-year, and could be renewed at each yearly physical examination as part of its basic medical care.

Anyone who wanted to pay for her own implant could do so as long as it met the minimum one-year requirement of the Navy and was kept current. Without such an implant, female officers and crewmembers were restricted to planetary or space station duty. (HH6, HH11)

Honor Harrington's implant Edit

Given her career plans, Honor Harrington opted for a non-standard ten-year implant. However, due to a data entry error after her escape from Hades and return to Manticore, her implant was not renewed when it expired[1] and she became pregnant with her and Hamish Alexander's son in 1920 PD. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. When her records were reactivated after she turned out to be alive, all entries specific to Navy-monitored requirements were reset to the reactivation date, which meant that so far as the records were concerned the implant should have been good for another 3,5 T-years. Dr. Frazier of the Bassingford Medical Center missed this data anomaly.

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