The Constitutional Liberal Party was one of the political groups organized during the Talbott Constitutional Convention.

Organized and led by Planetary President of Kornati Aleksandra Tonkovic, the party used delaying tactics which threatened to derail not only the Convention but the entire annexation effort. After Captain Aivars Terekhov of the Royal Manticoran Navy and Bernardus Van Dort informed the Kornatian Parliament of the Queen's ultimatum[1], the Split System changed its policy.[2] (CS1)

References Edit

  1. Manticore would no longer consider itself bound to annex the Cluster if a draft constitution was not voted out within a reasonable time. A time limit of 150 standard days was created, after which Manticore would either withdraw the offer of annexation in its entirety or submit a list of star systems which it would exclude from any future annexation, and that Split would be on that list.
  2. Tonkovic was later forced to resign from office under threat of impeachment because of her actions.

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