The Constitution of the Solarian League was technically the supreme law of the Solarian League, its foundation and source of the legal authority underlying its existence. It was amended ninety-seven times before 1410 PD.

It was rewritten in 1923 PD after Operation Nemesis destroyed the most of the League's industrial infrastructure. (HH14)

Article 1Edit

Article 1 stated that the Federal government could under no circumstances impose direct or indirect taxation with exception of shipping duties. The article remained intact until 1922 PD when the Quintet were able to amend it. (HH14)

Article 5Edit

Article 5 described the sovereignty of the system governments and state that the federal government had no authority to dictate to system governments in time of peace. (HH13)

In time of peace, the self-defense forces of the League’s member star systems were not subject to federal authority. The territorial autonomy of member star systems was absolute except in time of war. The residences of member delegations on Old Terra possessed extraterritorial status.

Article 7Edit

Article 7 detailed that the federal government is entitled to maintain a necessary military means concerned with the Solarian League's security even without a formal state of war. (HH12, HH13)

The state of war should be resolved unanimously by the League Assembly.

Article 39Edit

Article 39 described the circumstances under which member system could succeed from the Solarian League. When the Constitution was drafted, several members refused to enter the League until Article 39 was included. (HH14)

Until the secession of Beowulf in 1922 PD this clause wasn't enacted (HH13).

97th AmendmentEdit

The 97th Amendment, commonly known as the Eridani Edict, was added to the constitution in 1410 PD. It prohibited the orbital bombardment of inhabited worlds and unnecessary civilian casualties except for the purpose of precision strikes on enemy defense command centers after a refusal to surrender. (HH8)

There were 2 exceptions to the Amendment. Privately owned planets were not protected and classified as commercial operations. (SI1) Kinetic energy weapon strikes could be used when intervening against insurrection by planets under the control of the Solarian League, including the Protectorates. (SI4)

The Edict had been enforced about five times prior to 1921 PD. (HH8)


  • There were three main branches of government: Executive, Legislative (Assembly), and Judiciary.
  • The office of the president was symbolic. (HH13)
  • There were no federal taxes. (HH13)
  • Federal government was empowered to create a common currency (the Solarian credit). (infodump)
  • Secession of a member system was allowed. (HH13)
    • Until the secession of Beowulf in 1922 PD that clause wasn't enacted.
  • Protectorates weren't recognized as member systems and therefore couldn't decide to cease their protected status.
  • Treason during the war was defined. (HH13)
  • The promotion of personnel to flag ranks should be approved by the Assembly. (HH13)