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The Constitution of the Solarian League technically was the supreme law of the Solarian League, its foundation and source of the legal authority underlying its existence. Concerning ballance of power it was a dead-letter act in fact. On the other hand it was amanded 97 times in period until 1410 PD and 97th Amandment was executed five times until 1921 PD.

Article 5 Edit

System governments were sovereign. The federal government had no authority to dictate to system governments in time of peace. (HH13)

In time of peace, the self-defense forces of the League’s member star systems were not subject to the federal authority. The territorial autonomy of member star system was absolute except in time of war.
Member delegation residence on Terra possesed extraterritorial status.

Article 7 Edit

The federal government is entiteled to carry a necessary military means concerned with Solarian League's security even without a formal state of war. (HH12, HH13)

The state of war sholud be resolved unanimously by the League Assembly.

97th Amandment Edit

  • Prohibition of orbital bombardment of inhabited worlds.
The amandment, commonly known as the Eridani Edict, was written into the constitution in 1410 PD. (HH8)

Unspecified Edit

  • There were three main powers: executive, legislative (Assembly) and judicary.
  • The office of the president was symbolic. (HH13)
  • There were no federal taxes. (HH13)
  • Federal government was empowered to create a common currency (the Solarian credit). (infodump)
  • Secession of a member system was allowed. (HH13)
Until secession of Beowulf (1922 PD) that law wasn't executed.
Protectorate wasn't a member system, so it couldn't decide to cease a protection.
  • Treason during the war was defined. (HH13)
  • Promotions to a flag ranks should be approved by the Assembly. (HH13)

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