The Constitution of the Star Kingdom of Manticore was created when the Manticore colony was transformed into a monarchy in 1485 PD.

Balance of power Edit

It originally gave overwhelming power to the House of Lords (the Lords being the people who originally financed the colonial expedition and their descendants). Lower house of parliament was the House of Commons. (UHH)

Removal of a monarch Edit

  • The removal of a monarch was possible by a three-quarters vote of both houses of Parliament, in case of high crimes or misdemeanors only.
  • The removal of a monarch was possible for incapacitation also. (MA2)

The heir to the crown's marriage Edit

The Constitution required that the heir to the crown married a commoner. (Companion)

Amendments Edit

The Constitution provided for the amendments.

Treecat Rights BillEdit

The Ninth Amendment to the Constitution, commonly known as the Treecat Rights Bill, assured certain rights for the treecats of Sphinx, recognizing them as sentient beings.

King Roger II orginally opposed the bill, but changed his mind after a treecat, Seeker of Dreams, had saved the life of his daughter Adrienne and bonded with her.[1] (HHA2.2: WPD)

References Edit

  1. The bill was likely passed some time in the later half of Roger II's reign, in the 1550s or 1560s PD.

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