The Congressional Cross was one of the highest military decorations for citizens of the Republic of Haven.

A rather plain-looking silver medal on a ribbon of simple blue cloth, it was abandoned when the Legislaturists altered the Constitution. After the restoration of the Republic of Haven the Congress of the Republic of Haven was in charge of determining who would be awarded the Cross. Between that restoration and 1921 PD, two medals were awarded.

Admiral Javier Giscard was awarded the Cross after the Battle of Solon, although he refused to accept it. He agreed instead to accept the thanks of Congress, because he considered the Cross too important an award to be given for political reasons.

Congress also wanted to award Admiral Lester Tourville the Cross after the Second Battle of Zanzibar; instead he received the same thanks of Congress that Admiral Giscard received.[1] (HH11)

Known recipients Edit

References Edit

  1. It is suggested that Tourville used the precedent of Giscard declining the Cross, possibly with the same argument, to refuse to accept the award.

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