The Congo Wormhole Bridge was a wormhole bridge between the Congo System and SGC-902-36-G, an uninhabited system controlled by the Mannerheim System-Defense Force.

The discovery of the bridge was revealed in the early 1900s PD, when the Congo System was still under the control of Manpower Incorporated of Mesa. The Mesans did not reveal the other terminus of the bridge however. In 1918 PD the Congo terminus was claimed by the ex-slaves' Kingdom of Torch, established in the Congo System with significant help of neighboring powers. (CS1)

From February to March 1921 PD, the bridge was surveyed by Dr. Jordin Kare and Dr. Richard Wix and their team aboard the Manticoran survey vessel Harvest Joy. They located a terminus, but were denied permission to enter the wormhole by Queen Berry, who considered Kare and Wix too valuable to risk their lives. Her decision was a wise one, as Harvest Joy, its captain, Josepha Zachary, Dr. Michael Hall, the third-ranking scientific team leader, and the rest of its crew and scientists were destroyed immediately after the transit to SGC-902-36-G by two battlecruisers of the Mannerheim System-Defense Force. (CS2)