Condor owl

A condor owl

The condor owl was an nocturnal flying predator native to the planet Sphinx. Treecats called them death-wings.

The condor owl was a crepuscular gliding or flying predator that attempted to swoop and catch prey, then drop it on rocks from a great height. It was a hexapedal mammal, with the fore-limbs specialized into wings, and folds of skin that gave additional gliding and lifting surface when the midlimbs were extended, with the back four limbs holding grasping talons. Their large eyes were forward facing.

A typical adult condor-owl weighted about 5.4 to 6.35 kg (12-14lbs) and a total body length in excess of 1.5m (4.5ft), and a wingspan of nearly 3m (9.5ft). The hide was covered in down. The condor owl laid laid eggs and estivated over them through the winter. It often hunted in social groups of six to eight, which arranged rocks with the jagged points up to better finish off their dropped prey, seen by human scientists as a precursor to tool usage.

Condor owls had very acute vision and were capable of taking even an adult treecat or even larger game if they could suprise one. They were even considered a threat to humans.

Unlike Sphinxian "birds", they only had a single set of wings, but four sturdy leags, each ending in a set of powerful talons.

The species was originally named by a xenobiologist from the Hesier System. (SK1, Tech Bu9)

The Mk 17 Condor Owl heavy assault shuttle was named after this animal. (CS3)

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