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The Clairmont Sytem was a star system with a People's Navy base. (HH3, HH7)

History Edit

Prior to 1905 PD, the PNS Jonathan Talbott delivered routine traffic messages to the system's PRH base. (JIR2) In 1910 PD, the system was captured by the Manticoran Alliance's Sixth Fleet and became an RMN naval base commanded by Vice Admiral Dame Madeleine Sorbanne. (HH7) In 1919 PD, the system was recaptured by the Republican Navy during Operation Thunderbolt.[1] (HH10)

References Edit

  1. Clairmont is not specifically mentioned in War of Honor, but it is said that all systems taken by Manticore in the first war – except for Trevor's Star – were taken back.

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