The Citizens' Rights Union, or CRU, was a radical political group in the People's Republic of Haven.

The CRU resorted to acts of terrorism in what they believed was the defense of the God-given right to a high state-supported standard of living. (HH3)

The Legislaturists relied on Internal Security (InSec) moles that Constance Palmer-Levy had deep within the leadership of the Citizens' Rights Union. Knowing the extent of infiltration from Oscar Saint-Just, Rob S. Pierre told Cordelia Ransom to separate her cells from the main body of the Citizens' Rights Union. It was those cells that would assassinate Constance Palmer-Levy and use People's Navy assault shuttles to wipe out the Hereditary President and the leading Legislaturists in a "military coup".

Following the Pierre Coup, the members of the Citizens' Rights Union either retired, began working for the Committee, or were purged. It is strongly implied that the cells that carried out the airstrike against the People's Palace were eliminated. (HH3)

Citizens' Rights PartyEdit

The Citizens' Rights Party (CRP) was the political wing of the CRU that operated in the People's Quorum. It usually decried the more violent acts the CRU engaged in.[1] (HH3)

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  1. The CRP was related to the CRU in much the same way Sinn Féin was to the IRA in Northern Ireland on Earth.