Christina "Chris" Hurlman was a Manticoran citizen and merchant service officer.

Around 1908 PD, she served as Harold Sukowski's executive officer aboard the Hauptman Lines freighter RMMS Bonaventure.

When Bonaventure was attacked by raiders of Andre Warnecke's "privateer squadron" while in the Telmach System of the Silesian Confederacy, Captain Sukowski ordered the crew to abandon ship while he remained aboard. Hurlman, however, disobeyed his orders and remained with him until captured. The remaining crew escaped and was later rescued.[1] Once taken by the pirates, Hurlman was repeatedly raped by the pirates, leaving her heavily traumatized.

Sukowski and Hurlman were rescued by the Havenite light cruiser PNS Vaubon, whose chief medical officer did his best to care for Hurlman. She and Sukowski later returned to Manticore after the Vaubon was itself taken by HMAMC Wayfarer, a Manticoran Q-ship commanded by Honor Harrington. (HH6)

References Edit

  1. News of Bonaventure's disappearance prompted Klaus Hauptman and his daughter to travel to Silesia to closely supervise their interests.

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