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Chris Billingsley
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Chris Billingsley was a Manticoran citizen and an enlisted member of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical characteristics Edit

Billingsley was compactly but solidly built, with a beard, and was a first generation prolong recipient. (SI2)

Biography Edit

Master Chief Stewards Mate Billingsley was a long serving non-commissioned officer who had been in as long as Sir Horace Harkness and had a similarly checkered career.

He was captured by the Republic of Haven Navy sometime prior to the Battle of Solon and was assigned to POW Camp Charlie-Seven on Haven. During his internment at Charlie-Seven, Billingsley was involved in many questionable activities such as black market deals with guards to procure items for his fellow POWs and operating a distillery. His version of the story was that he was helping produce alcohol for the camp medical staff. He was also heavily involved in games of chance in the camp, especially ones involving dice. It was said that if there was a game of chance within a half light-year of his location, he would know where it was, who was playing, and would have a reserved seat.

When Rear Admiral Michelle Henke, Countess Gold Peak, was captured and assigned to Charlie-Seven, he was assigned as her personal steward. He accompanied her from the camp when she was repatriated to the Star Kingdom of Manticore and remained her personal steward when she returned to active duty.

During his assignment to Manticore with Vice Admiral Gold Peak, he acquired a Maine Coon cat named Dicey. His story was that he found the cat near the Master Chief's club, but the Admiral speculated that the cat was a prize from a game of dice. (SI2)

Character Edit

Billingsley had a very likeable personality and was skilled at talking his way out of trouble. (SI2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Master Chief Petty Officer


  • Personal steward to Rear Admiral Gold Peak, POW Camp C7
  • Personal steward to Vice Admiral Gold Peak, HMS Artemis
  • Personal steward to Admiral Gold Peak, Tenth Fleet

References Edit

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