Chotěboř was a planet in the Kumang System, settled by humans in the early 17th Century PD.[1]

The original colonists came largely from the Calpurnia System, set on establishing a new living for themselves away from the influence of Solarian transstellar conglomerates like the Creswell Combine. About a third of these colonists where Czech-speakers, including prominent leader Adam Šiml, leading to the language's strong influence on Chotěbořian culture. Standard English eventually replaced Czech as the day-to-day language of the population, but many places retained their original Czech names.

In the 20th Century PD, the government of Chotěboř became more and more totalitarian, brutally putting down demonstrations and making political dissidents disappear. This was largely due to the rising influence of the Solarian Office of Frontier Security, which was brought in to "assist" the Chotěbořians after a deadly epidemic and a costly pirate raid on the Kumang System's orbital infrastructure. (SI4)


  1. 300 years ago in 1921 PD.

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