The Chief of Naval Operations was a supreme position in the Havenite navy.

People's Republic of Haven Edit

The Chief of Naval Operations was a crucial position under the DuQuesne Plan. The CNO was the head of the People's Navy. It seems CNO was a member of war cabinet.

In 1900 PD, Admiral Amos Parnell was the Chief of Naval Operations under Hereditary President Sidney Harris. (HH1) In 1905 PD, Admiral Parnell was removed as CNO due to the heavy losses inflicted by the RMN. (HH3)

In 1905-1915 PD period the CNO position was technically abolished. CNO dutes was performed by the senior uniformed officer at the Octagon. (HH8)

Republic of Haven Navy Edit

After the restoration of the Republic’s constitution, President Pritchart gave the post to Admiral Thomas Theisman, who was also Secretary of War. (HH11)

Known CNOs Edit

References Edit

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