The Chief Executive Officer or CEO was the formal head of government of the Mesa System.

Elections Edit

The CEO was elected by the General Board from its own membership for a continuous term of office of no more than ten years. Appointments to the office of CEO were usually controlled by the corporate appointees to the General Board, most notably those from Manpower Incorporated. (CS2)

Powers Edit

The CEO was the senior corporate official of the Mesa System and held virtually unlimited powers, though at the pleasure of the General Board. Government policy was decided by the CEO and implemented through an executive branch staff which was answerable only to him or her.

The CEO was required to submit budget proposals to the General Board for approval, and though the Board usually approved them without much debate, any rejection of the proposed budget amounted to a vote of no confidence which forced the CEO out of office. (CS2)

Known office holders Edit

In 1922 PD, the office of CEO was held by Brandon Ward. (CS3)

References Edit

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