Charon Control was space command center of the StateSec prison located on Hades in the Cerberus System.

Charon Control controlled scanners and Hades planetary defense. It was placed at the State Security Command Center on Styx Island.

Fixed defenses Edit

Hades fixed defense systems were not manned and consisted of minefields as well as grasers and missile launchers, located on three moons of Hades. Their strength was comparable to the firepower of few battle squadrons.

Being a quasi-naval unit, in 1913 PD Charon Control was used by allied forces for naval training purposes also.

Organization Edit

Generally there were four watches trained for Charon Control purposes. Each of them consisted of:

  • Officer of the watch,
  • Executive Officer,
  • Tactical Officer, in charge with the tactical department,
  • Tracking Officer, in charge with sensor watch,
  • Communication and EW Officer, in charge with com watch.

Because of extensive personnel demand after Shilo Force takeover Charon Control crew was reduced to the one full watch only and three skeleton watches comprised of sensor and communications crew only. Such state lasted until the battle against the Danak Force (Battle of Cerberus).

Allied personnel Edit

Commanding officers Edit

  1. initially - Admiral Honor Harrington[1]
  2. dispatch boat arrival - uncertain, Commodore Gaston Simmons probably[2]
  3. for 3 weeks before arrival of the Shilo Force - Captain Harriet Benson
  4. during the Shilo Force arrival - Commander Susan Phillips,
  5. before the Danak Force arrival - Captain Harriet Benson,
  6. during battle of Cerberus - Commander Susan Phillips.

Crew Edit

  • Captain Harriet Benson - Commanding Officer of the night watch (initial phase),
  • Lieutenant Commander Geraldine Metcalf - Commanding Officer, the first watch,
  • Lieutenant Commander Anson Lethridge - Communications and Electronic Warfare Officer, the first watch,
  • Commander Susan Phillips - Executive Officer, Captain Benson's (night) watch, Executive Officer, Charon Control (for 3 weeks before arrival of the Shilo Force),
  • Commander Ushakovna - senior tracking officer (during the Shilo Force takeover),
  • Lieutenant Commander Prescott Tremaine - Communications and Electronic Warfare Officer, Captain Benson's watch,
  • Lieutenant Commander Dumfries - a watch officer,
  • anonymous Lieutenant Commander - Tactical Officer (during the Shilo Force takeover),
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Gianna Ascher - CIC specialist (initial phase),
  • anonymous Chief Petty Officer - the grav scanner chief of the watch,
  • Petty Officer Alwyn - the first watch, com watch.

References Edit

  1. When PNS Krashnark arrived.
  2. Refered before the battle of Cerberus as overall commander of Hades.

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