The Charleston Center for Admiralty Law was a Manticoran institution set up to examine interstellar admiralty law on behalf of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Established around 1760 PD to deal with the military implications of legal customs that had developed during the Post Diaspora era, it was recognized as one of the premier authorities on interstellar admiralty law.

Due to the sheer size of the Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine, which was technically a Naval command, it was recognized that military legal decisions would greatly impact civilian interstellar traffic. (SI2)

Notable Legal Opinions Edit

  • Prisoner of War Parole – Under a strict interpretation of the Deneb Accords, a paroled POW officer was disqualified from active service until such time as proper exchange could be arranged, since any officer the parolee replaced could still serve against the government which had paroled her. Charleston, referencing a previous Solarian League decision following the Greenbriar-Chanticleer War, was of the opinion that as long as the parolee was not involved in personally or directly engaged with the enemy, or supporting units which did (such as in staff, logistics, or medical services), then service in another astrographic area or against another opponent was lawful. (SI2)

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