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Name: Charles Wade Pope class
Type: Light cruiser
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: 1872 PD
Preceded By: Brilliance class
Succeeded By: Conqueror class
Mass: 125,250 tons
Length: 437m
Beam: 45m
Draught: 35m
Acceleration: 517.8G
Crew: 69 officers
388 enlisted
Power: 2 RF/6 Dampierre 4 fusion reactors
Electronics: AG-24 Gravitic Detection Array
AR-25(a) Phased Radar Array
AL-25 Lidar Array
SLC-18(a) 22x12-channel Distr. Contr. System
ARBB-20 Electronic Countermeasures
Armament: 16 LME-3(b) Missile Tubes
2 L/75 Anti-Ship Lasers
10 LMC-8(g) Counter Missile Tubes
10 P/16x3 Laser Clusters
Magazines: 280 E14 Impeller Drive Missiles
410 C2 Counter Missiles
6 LAD-24 Tethered ECM Decoys
Auxiliary Craft: 3 DB.435 Ouragan-class Pinnaces
3 DB.100 Mercure-class Cutters

The Charles Wade Pope class was a class of light cruisers built and used by the Havenite Navy. The design was a derivative of the Solarian League Navy's Liberty class.

Class DesignEdit

The design was based on the reverse engineering of three mothballed Liberty-class light cruisers that were bought as a stripped-down export mode. The main reason for the purchase of these vessels was to gain access to the Solarian League's technology. The vessel was smaller than the newer Conqueror class but with similar defensive suites and a small reduction in broadside. The design featured many types of Solarian-like capabilities such as an extensive array of decoys and recon drones, much more than a typical light cruiser of the People's Navy. This led to budget cuts in the broadside capabilities and magazine capacity for the ship. The vessel had many personnel features not typical to Havenite designs such as larger enlisted areas, more showers, and large recreational spaces.

Construction NotesEdit

The construction contracts were assigned to shipyards with ties to Legislaturist interests which led to a investigation into corruption on the parties involved. This investigation led to the building of only two squadrons worth of vessels.

Class RoleEdit

The main role of the class was extended patrol endurance, which did match with the typical Havenite tactic of using light cruisers as mobile missile platforms. This new role did go well and soon the majority of the class went on limited duty and nearly decommissioned. Since the start of the First Havenite-Manticoran War, the class became high speed couriers. (JIR2)

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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