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"Charles" was a Solarian citizen and private arms dealer, using various aliases in his dealings with the People's Republic of Haven and the Andermani Empire.

Biography Edit

He described himself as part of an organization of private Solarian citizens that were angry with the Solarian League's inaction against the obvious aggression of Haven and clandestinely tried to stir the war toward a Manticoran victory.[1]

The Crippler Edit

In 1902 PD, he attempted to convince the People's Navy to purchase a weapon system he called the "Crippler". It seemed to be an extremely powerful version of the grav lance that could take down a ship's impeller wedge. In reality, he knew the weapon would only work against merchant ships and not against military vessels. In essence, he ran a scam and received half the money for it up front. He escaped in his own ship before the plan fell apart and PNS Vanguard was destroyed by being rammed by the Manticoran freighter RMMS Dorado. (HHA4.2: WOS)


A decade later, Charles returned to Haven on a covert mission for his organization to acquire intelligence on "Ellipsis", using his cover as an arms dealer. Part of the cover involved trying to sell Oscar Saint-Just the Echo (stealth technology) and the Redactor. He was arrested by the Office of State Security when his cover was compromised, and was subsequently sent to StateSec's torture rooms, but managed to escape torture by hinting at his knowledge of "Ellipsis".

Charles was taken before Oscar Saint-Just and improvised a plan to save his life and achieve his objective of learning more about "Ellipsis". Convincing Saint-Just that the proper use of "Ellipsis" was an attempt to incite a war between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Andermani Empire, thus relieving pressure on Haven which was on the verge of imminent defeat, Charles discovered "Ellipsis" was in fact the HMS Ellipsis, a captured Royal Manticoran Navy Star Knight-class heavy cruiser.

Charles, along with his State Security watchdog, Thomas Mercier, was subsequently forced to conduct the very operation he had convinced Saint-Just to undertake. However, he eventually betrayed the Havenites to the Andermani before disappearing from Andermani custody. (HHA5.2: AAoW)

References Edit

  1. Charles was very prone to lying about himself, and it remains uncertain how much of what he told others about himself is the truth.

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