The Chalice Cluster Uprising was a rebellion of against the government of the Silesian Confederacy.

Andre Warnecke, leader of the Chalice Cluster, started the uprising, announcing his intention to create a republic and hold free and open elections as soon as he and his allies had "provided for the public safety". He and the people he had put in charge of internal security and launched a reign of terror which cost the lives of three million Cluster citizens.

Eventually, after fourteen months of failed attempts, the Silesian Confederate Navy crushed the uprising and regained control over the Chalice Cluster. While the Silesians never found Warnecke either dead or alive, and even though the Confederate military assumed that he died in the final battles, the Confederacy forged imagery depicting Warnecke's death by hanging. Meanwhile, Warnecke and his surviving forces fled the Cluster and later established a new base of operations in the Marsh System. (HH6)

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