The Cerberus System was a trinary star system in the Republic of Haven and the location of the prison planet Hades.

Star geography Edit

Cerberus was located in the Shilo Sector, over a hundred and sixty-eight light-years from the Barnett System. (HH7)

Cerberus A was an class F4 star, Cerberus-B was a class G3 star, and Cerberus-C was class M9 star without any planets.

There was at least one habitable planet in the system, Hades, which had three moons, Tartarus, Sheol and Niflheim.[1]

History Edit

Cereberus' location was a closely guarded secret of the People's Republic. It had extensive unmanned fortifications. (HH7)

In 1913 PD, the Battle of Cerberus took place in the system. (HH8)

References Edit

  1. Like the planet and its moons, everything in the system was named after something related to human imaginations of the afterife/underworld.

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