Cecelie Rustin
Female military Haven
Full Name
Cecelie Rustin
Female   Female
  ●   Sister(s): 

Cecelie Rustin was a Grayson citizen and one of the first female officers of the Grayson Space Navy.

Biography Edit

She was born on Grayson at the turn of the 20th Century PD, and had a sister named Suleia; her father had at least two wives. As a young woman, she joined the Grayson Space Navy and won an officer's commission after attending the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island.

As an Ensign, she was assigned to the destroyer GNS Manasseh, and became a gunnery officer. She also became friends with Claire Lecroix, the only other female officer aboard the ship. (GNLH)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Ensign

Posts Edit

  • Gunnery Officer, GNS Manasseh (DD-12)

Decorations Edit

References Edit

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