Casimir Station was a space station orbiting the gas giant Elsbietá in the Casimir System.

Originally built as a mixed residential and industrial habitat, it was taken over by Manpower Incorporated at some point in the 19th Century PD. From then on, it was used as a depot and transfer point for slaves, drugs, and other illegal commodity. It was also used as a support base by at least half a dozen pirates who fenced their plunder through the smugglers using the habitat. It had some light defensive armament, and there was usually at least one armed vessel hanging around to keep an eye on things.

Between 500 and 1,500 slaves were held there at any given time.

In 1899 PD, the Royal Manticoran Navy destroyer HMS Hawkwing arrived at the depot, destroyed the armed support ship, and demanded the depot's surrender. The slave-traders' commander, Edytá Sokolowska, refused to cooperate, but was killed by one of her subordinates. A mixed group of Audubon Ballroom fighters and Royal Manticoran Marines then boarded the station and secured it. (HHA5.3: LD)

Lady Catherine Montaigne, Countess of the Tor, vocally supported Commander Harrington's actions, and was excluded from the House of Lords as a result. (HH10)

One of the slaves freed at Casimir was Isaac Douglass. (HHA3.3: FtH)

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