Case Lacoön was the Royal Manticoran Navy's plan to close all wormhole termini under its control to Solarian traffic.

It was a long standing contingency plan in case the Solarian League was engaged in aggression just short of war against Manticore.

The first phase of Lacoön was the closing down of the traffic. The second phase included active commerce raiding and the extension of de facto Manticoran control to every wormhole nexus within its reach, regardless of who that nexus nominally belonged to.

In theory, the first phase was a protective recall of the Manticoran Merchant Marine from Solarian space followed by a protective explusion of the Solarian Merchant Marine from Manticoran space.

After word of the Battle of Spindle got back to Manticore, Queen Elizabeth III ordered First Space Lord Thomas Caparelli to transmit the activation orders for Lacoön One and to make any military movements appropriate in its support. (HH12, HH13)

Seized junctions Edit

Known seized Solarian and neutral junctions included:

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