The Casca Navy was the naval force of a minor star nation located in the Casca System, a member of the Manticoran Alliance.

In the 16th Century PD, it was known as the Cascan Defense Force. Until 1533 PD, it consisted of two intra-system units and a hypercapable one[1]. In 1533 PD, the Cascans obtained an Améthyste-class cruiser, the Péridot, from the Republic of Haven. (MA1, MA2)

The Casca Navy was mentioned in a Havenite intelligence report from 1911 PD; its light forces were believed to operate in the Micah System as screen for an equally light Royal Manticoran Navy task force. As with other minor allied navies, the main duty of the Casca Navy was the defence of its home system.[2] (JIR1, HH7)

References Edit

  1. Including unit named Chachani.
  2. It likely consisted of Highlander-class LACs obtained from the RMN, and some decent light hypercapable ships for screening tasks.