Carol Williamson
Female military Haven
Full Name
Carol Williamson
Female   Female
Carol Williamson was a Havenite citize and an officer of the People's Navy.

Biography Edit

In the early stages of the First Havenite-Manticoran War, Williamson held the rank of Commodore and was in command of a force called TU 32. her superior assigned a squadron of Desforge-class destroyers to her forces, ostensibly as screening units for her cruiser division.

When the Royal Manticoran Navy hit the system Williamson and her forces were guarding, the Commodore separated her Desforges to escort supply freighters safely past the hyper limit, while throwing her heavy and light cruisers at the enemy. The RMN force split into two parts: their destroyers and one Warrior-class heavy cruiser pursued the Desforges and freighters, while the Prince Consort- and Star Knight-class cruisers drew out Williamson's heavier units into a tangential thrust against the systems orbital industry.

In the resulting battle, most of Commodore Williamson's heavy forces were destroyed, with two units surrendering, though they did inflict quite some damage on the Manticorans. The Desforges, on the other hand, organized as a screen around the freighters, managed to escort their charges safely out of the system and into hyperspace. (SITS)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commodore

Posts Edit

  • Commanding officer of a System Defense Command

References Edit

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