Capital Fleet
(People's) Republic of Haven Navy
Affiliation: Republic of Haven
Commanding Officer: Admiral Graveson
Admiral Theisman
Admiral L'anglais
Strength: ca. 70 SD (1913 PD)


The Capital Fleet was the naval command of the Havenite Navy tasked with the protection of the Haven System and the planet Haven.

History Edit

One of the largest fleets in both the People's Navy and its successor service, the Republican Navy, Capital Fleet had long been one of the most politically-sensitive commands in the Havenite military, as it controlled all naval assets in the Haven System itself and therefore could give its commanding officer the power to act against the government.

With its institutional distrust of the Navy, the Committee of Public Safety always kept a close watch on Capital Fleet, to the point that its command personnel was so concerned with being purged that the fleet remained almost completely inactive during the Leveler Uprising in 1911 PD, rather than acting on its own and risk being considered as attempting to seize power. (HHA1.3: AWoG, HH7)

By the time Admiral Esther McQueen launched her attempted coup, Capital Fleet was commanded by Admiral Amanda Graveson, with Vice Admiral Lawrence MacAfee as her second in command. Even though Graveson was involved in McQueen's plans, the pre-emptive destruction of the superdreadnoughts PNS Equality and PNS Sovereignty of the People by a StateSec naval squadron forced the admiral to not commit to action and thus Capital Fleet remained "inactive" during the unrest. (HHA3.2: N, HH9)

Admiral Thomas Theisman was recalled from DuQuesne Base to take command of Capital Fleet following Admiral Graveson's arrest, but despite his reputation as an "apolitical" admiral, Theisman promptly launched a coup of his own that succeeded in overthrowing Oscar Saint-Just's rule over the People's Republic. (HH9)

In the aftermath of Saint-Just's death, both Theisman's Capital Fleet and Admiral Javier Giscard's Twelfth Fleet became the core of the naval forces loyal to Eloise Pritchart's provisional government. (HH10)

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  1. 2/3 of its strenght - 275 SD - sent to the Manticore System as the reconstructed Second Fleet.