Camp Inferno was a Havenite facility for prisoners-of-war on the Hades Planetary Prison, run by the Office of State Security. (HH8)

Inferno was located in the center of the Alpha Continent, almost exactly on the equator.

It was the only prison camp on the planet listed by name instead of number (other than the HQ Camp Charon, and it's location was not on official StateSec survey maps of the planet, ostensibly for security reasons. It was used as a "dumping ground" for "troublemakers". Multiple escape attempts, insisting that military decorum be maintained in POW camps, etc could qualify for being transferred to Inferno.

Prisoners could be sent to Inferno as punishment, with an average sentence of one year for a first offense (with longer sentences for repeat offenders), but some were sent there permanently.

Layout Edit

An area about fifteen meters wide was trampled down surrounding the fenced-in area. The western side of the fence had vines growing on it, which would provide the four large huts nearby shade shortly after noon. A windmill-powered pump kept a centrally-located water tank filled from a stream. The fence sported four gates at the main cardinal directions, with paths inside the fence intersecting just south of where the water tank sat on spindly legs. Two rows of dimly-lit 3 meter-tall lampposts bordered each path, with pairs of brighter lanterns marking intersections.

A ceramacrete landing pad and storage huts were located about a kilometer north of the camp, A small steep hill was located to the east of the camp.

Camp life Edit

Camp residents were forced to make their own hand-weapons from white, milky-looking stone to fend off local wildlife. Teams performing tasks outside the fence were frequently guarded by a group of spearmen, and most residents carried knives.

Known inhabitants Edit

See: Personnel of the Elysian Space Navy#Non-allied personnel

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