Camp Charon was the StateSec headquarters of the secret planetary prison on the planet Hades in the Cerberus System.

Geography Edit

The compound was on a terraformed island named Styx in the DuQuesne Ocean, and was the only terraformed land on the surface of the planet. It grew all the human edible food available on the planet, including that for the prisoners on the continents. (HH8)

Facilities Edit

  • Charon Control - planetary defense command
  • the airfield with flight control, protected by anti-aircraft defenses - dozens of shuttles, at least two pinnaces
  • Morgue, supplied with armors for at least 45-50 armored troopers
  • the armory, including tanks
  • farms, which supplied food for the human population of Hades.
  • a hospital, with medical laboratory

Policies Edit

No prisoners aside from farm workers were allowed on the island of Styx or in Camp Charon, although an unofficial exception was made for slaves (selected from the prisoner population) of garrison personnel. (HH8)

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