Calvin Addison
Male civilian
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Calvin Addison
Male   Male
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Calvin Addison was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the Office of State Security.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Addison was a slender man with sandy hair. (HH8)


In 1913 PD, Addison was a People's Commissioner assigned to the battleship PNS Schaumberg. During his service aboard, Addison learned to respect and support the battleship's commanding officer, Captain Joanne Hall, despite both the captain's preference for traditional military protocol and Addison's own egalitarian fervor.

During the Second Battle of Hancock, Addison supported Captain Hall's concealment of the death of Rear Admiral Jane Kellet in order to prevent Kellet's second in command, Rear Admiral Ron Porter, from taking over command of Task Force 12.3. Later on, Addison died on Schaumberg's bridge when the ship was attacked by experimental Manticoran Shrike-class light attack craft. (HH8)

References Edit

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