The Caliphate of Zanzibar was a star nation in the Zanzibar System and a member of the Manticoran Alliance.

History Edit

Early in its history, the Zanzibar colony faced a brutal fight for survival that threw its tech base back generations. (HH9)

Prior to 1904 PD, Government forces pushed the Zanzibar Liberation Front, a resistance movement, from the planet. In 1904 PD, the Caliphate was joined the Manticoran Alliance. The ZLF, was politically recognized by the People's Republic of Haven in order to help bring down the Caliphate. The ZLF would start military operations against the Caliphate to help the PRH conquest of the system that was stopped. (HH3)

Shortly before Operation Icarus, the Caliphate was due to bring its new shipyards online. It was attacked by Vice Admiral Lester Tourville's Task Force 12.2, which destroyed almost all of its orbital industry. (HH8) The system's economy steadily recovered, only to be wiped out again by another attack led by Admiral Tourville as part of Operation Gobi. After this, the Caliph seriously considered leaving the Alliance. (HH11)

Government and politics Edit

The Caliphate was, as the name implied, a monarchy led by a Caliph. (HH11)

The Zanzibar Liberation Front fought the official government of Zanzibar, being supported by the People's Republic of Haven. (HH3)

Military Edit

The Zanzibar System Navy, also known as the Caliphate Navy, was in charge of protecting the Caliphate. Compared to other Alliance navies, it was a rather weak, sub-light force and needed to be backed by Manticoran heavy units. (HH11)

ZSN's uniforms cosists of visored cap, maroon tunic, and black trousers. High ranks are stated with the doubled crescent moons on collar points.

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