Caitrin Winton-Henke
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Caitrin Winton-Henke
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Lady Caitrin Winton-Henke, Duchess Winton-Henke, Dowager Countess Gold Peak, was a Manticoran citizen, the aunt and temporal regent of Queen Elizabeth III.

Family Edit

Lady Caitrin was the daughter and second child of Queen Samantha II and Prince Consort Gerent Manoussos-Winton, as well as the younger sister of King Roger III and aunt of Queen Elizabeth III.

She was married to Edward Henke, Earl of Gold Peak, and had two children with him, Calvin and Michelle. (HH8)

Biography Edit

After King Roger III was assassinated, she was among those on the inner council to select a regent for his daughter Elizabeth, an position for which Lady Caitrin herself was chosen in the end. (HHA2.3: QG)

She became a widow when her husband and son died[1] in the Masadan assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth and Protector Benjamin IX in 1915 PD. (HH9) When her daughter Michelle, who had inherited the title, was assigned to the Talbott Quadrant, Lady Caitrin served as her proxy in the House of Lords. (SI2)

References Edit

  1. Michelle succeeded her father as the new Countess Gold Peak.