The Cabinet was a body of high ranking members of the executive branch of the Havenite state.

First Republic Edit

The form of government present in the original Republic of Haven until ca. 1800 PD was the pattern for the Republic restored in 1915 PD.

People's Republic of Haven Edit

Due to economic problems a new form of government was implemented. The People's Republic of Haven was established, when the first phase of DuQuesne Plan was implemented around 1800 PD.

Legislaturalists rule Edit

In the People's Republic of Haven under Legislaturalist rule, the Hereditary President was advised by a Military Cabinet. Secretary positions within the military cabinet were:

(HH1 - HH3)

Committee of Public Safety Edit

There were no legal continuity between the military cabine and the Committee of Public Safety. After Rob S. Pierre's coup in 1905 PD the plotters demanded the People's Quorum to establish provisoric government called the Committee of Public Safety. The People's Republic of Haven was governed by the Committee of Public Safety until 1915 PD. Despite the fact, that members of the Committee were appointed to Secretary position, they weren't mentioned as a "Cabinet". Number of Committeepersons decreased from 87 in 1905 PD to 26 in 1913 PD. Known secretary positions within the Committee of Public Safety were:


Second Republic Edit

In the restored in 1915 PD Republic of Haven, the Presidential Cabinet was formed to advise the President. Known Cabinet positions were:


References Edit

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