The Butre Clan, also refered to simply as the Clan, was the family of Michael Parmley and his wife, Elfride Butre.

They lived on Parmley Station, an almost abandoned amusement park in the orbit of the planet Ameta. With the exception of Elfride, the matriarch of the family after her husband's death, none of the Clan's members received the Prolong Treatment, and many soon passed Elfride in apparent age.

Eventually, in 1921 PD, the Butre Clan made a pact with the Beowulfan Biological Survey Corps to use Parmley Station as a secret fortress for the BSC's anti-slavery effort. In turn, every member of the Clan still young enough was taken to Beowulf to receive free Prolong. (HH12)

Known Members Edit

See here for a list of known members of the Butre Clan.

References Edit

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