Bureau of Ships

The Bureau of Ships, also known as BuShips, was a department of the Royal Manticoran Navy that dealt with the various vessels of the RMN. This included building, refit, and maintenance of vessels. The bureau fell under the jurisdiction of the Third Space Lord.

History Edit

In 1900 PD, BuShips was commanded by Admiral Lucy Danvers. (HH1) By 1904 PD, BuShips have acquired GSN-designed inertial compensators and they were tested extensively to get the bugs out. (HH3)

Ship Design NotesEdit

When BuShips was designing the Star Knight-class heavy cruisers, they made flag accommodations and designed the vessel as a flotilla leader. (HH2) BuShips designed large quarters on Battlecruisers for its commanding officers. Grayson-designed inertial compensators were being distributed throughout the fleet. (HH3)

Departments Edit

References Edit

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