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Broadsword class
Name: Broadsword class
Type: Marine Operations Support Cruiser
Affiliation: RMN logo small boxcolored Star Kingdom of Manticore
Mass: 293,000 tons
Length: 516 m
Beam: 62 m
Draught: 52 m
Acceleration: 509.9 G
Crew: 1118
— 48 Officers
— 436 Enlisted
— 658 Marines
Power: 2 Isler-Buckley
GM-series 2 Fusion Reactors

The Broadsword class was a class of heavy cruisers built and operated by the Royal Manticoran Navy to serve as Marine Operations Support Cruisers.

History Edit

The Broadsword-class Marine Operations Support Cruiser was built on a Prince Consort-class hull and frame with a comparable weapon and deffensive fit to the smaller class.

The class fulfilled two primary mission roles. The first was a rapid deployment ship for the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps, for situations where a reinforced battalion would be sufficient, but a multi-division Marine drop was too cumbersome. The second was an orbital command ship for Marine Ground Operations. It could also served as mobile naval hospital of the top order with onboard facilities comparable to those of a small station or forward base.

The Broadsword's marine complement consisted of a full battalion, reinforced with a single assault company in addition to the heavy weapons company. (JIR1, Companion)

Construction of the class began before 1890 PD, and the prototype herself was in service in time to assist during the Attica Avalanche that struck Gryphon that year. Three Broadsword-class ships, HMS Broadsword, HMS Halberd and HMS Cutlass which were involved in the testing of the Mark 26 Skyhawk-class pinnace, provided Search and Rescue support during the aftermath of the avalanche. (HHA2.4: THWH)

It was replaced by the Kamerling class. (Companion)

Technical Specifications[1] Edit


  • AN/SPG-26/a Gravitic Detection Array
  • AN/SR-11c Phased Radar Array
  • AN/SL-12c Lidar Array
  • AN/CAT-11(34) Fire Control System
  • AN/CDT-11(18) Defensive Coordination System
  • AN/ELQ-115 Electronic Countermeasure System


  • 20 Mod 7a Missile Launchers
  • 4 Mk15 140 cm Grasers
  • 2 Mk49 127 cm Lasers
  • 6 Mk73 105 cm Lasers
  • 18 Mod 5a Countermissile Launchers
  • 18 Mk16(5) Point Defense Laser Clusters


  • 400 Mk13 Anti-Ship Missiles
  • 1098 Mk21 Countermissiles
  • 10 Mk15 Electronic Warfare Drones

Small Craft:

  • 1 Mk28 Condor-class pinnaces
  • 4 Mk26 Skyhawk-class pinnaces
  • 2 Mk17 Avenger-class assault shuttles
  • 1 Mk9 Albatross-class shuttles
  • 2 C3 Dakota-class cutters

Known ships Edit

References Edit

  1. All specifications according to Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 1

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