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You may also be looking for Boniface Abercrombie.

Boniface was a planet in the influence sphere of the Solarian League, governed by an Office of Frontier Security District Officer.[1]

The Jessyk Combine intensively exploited inhabitants of the planet, causing a revolt. Commander Luis Rozsak led a Marine assault on a rebel stronghold on the planet that resulted in heavy casualties (up to 30 percent), but succeeded in wiping out the rebels, as well as the entire civilian population: (CS1)

As an internal affair, the Boniface conflict was waged without respect for the commonly accepted rule of war that a planet was expected to surrender once a hostile fleet controlled the space around it, rather than holding out and requiring a bloody assault which would increase casualties for both sides. (infodump)

Anti-rebel force command Edit

  • unnamed OFE District Officer – in charge with OFS Frontier Forces and assigned SLN Frontier Fleet forces
  • Commander Luis Rozsak – senior SLN Frontier Fleet officer, probably commanding a cruiser
  • Lieutenant Commander Edie Habib – Commander Rozsak's Executive Officer
  • Major Kao Huang – senior Marine officer

References Edit

  1. It was probably part of some protectorate.

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