Bin-hwei Morser
Female military
Full Name
Bin-hwei Morser, Gräfin von Grau
Female   Female
CO, BatRon 36

Bin-hwei Morser, Gräfin von Grau, was an Andermani noblewoman and an officer in the Imperial Andermani Navy.

Biography Edit

Bin-hwei Morser[1] was a vocal opponent of the Empire's alliance with the Star Kingdom of Manticore. She was, however, too much of a professional to let this interfere with her duties as a squadron commander in the Manticoran Alliance.

In 1921 PD, she held the rank of Vizeadmiral and was in command of Battle Squadron 36, fighting alongside Honor Harrington in the Battle of Manticore. (HH11)

Character Edit

Morser was an excellent tactician, and a highly professional officer, able to overcome her dislike of Manticore and her considerable resentment of Admiral Harrington in order to do her duty. (HH11)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Vizeadmiral (before 1921 PD)

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Battle Squadron 36


  1. Her first name is misspelled 'Bin-hewi' in the At All Costs list of characters.

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