Bernardus Van Dort
Male civilian
Full Name
Bernardus Van Dort
Male   Male
Special Minister without Portfolio
Talbott Quadrant
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Bernardus Van Dort was a Rembrandt-born Manticoran citizen and the founder and first chairman of the board of the Rembrandt Trade Union.

Physicial Appearance Edit

Van Dort was fair-haired and blue-eyed. He stood well over a hundred and ninety-five centimeters in height. (SI1)

Family Edit

Van Dort was once married to Suzanne Bannister of Montana. They had two daughters, Mechelina and Phillipia. His wife and daughters were presumed dead. (SI1)

Biography Edit

Van Dort was born on the planet Rembrandt, at that time an independent star nation in the Talbott Cluster, in the 1830s PD.[1] As the captain of a freighter, the Geertruida's Pride, he visited the Montana System, where he fell in love with a young customs officer, Suzanne Bannister. They married and had two children. Van Dort's family later disappeared without a trace aboard the freighter Anneloes, and was presumed dead. Their loss was a terrible blow to him, and drove a deep wedge between him and his brother-in-law, Trevor Bannister.

He later became the founder, majority shareholder, and chairman of the Rembrandt Trade Union. In the early 20th Century PD, he was principally responsible for the plebiscite issuing a request for annexation into the Star Kingdom of Manticore for the Talbott Cluster. He was tapped by Baroness Medusa to assist Captain Aivars Terekhov aboard the heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma as a diplomat and negotiator, during which time the two men forged a close working relationship. (SI1)

After the founding of the Star Empire of Manticore, he was assigned as Special Minister without Portfolio of the Alquezar government. (SI2)

References Edit

  1. He was in his eighties in 1921 PD.