The Beowulf System Defense Force (BSDF) was the naval component of Beowulf's military.


In its capacity as the spacefaring military of Manticore's staunchest ally in the Solarian League, the BSDF was kept routinely up-to-date on the latest Manticoran military developments. However, in quiet agreement with the Royal Manticoran Navy, the BSDF refrained from introducing Manticore's newest technologies into their own warships to prevent them from finding their way into the hands of the Solarian League Navy.[1] The BSDF as well had refrained from providing any observers to the Manticoran-Havenite Wars. (HH12)

Actual paramilitary operations against slave traders were performed by the Biological Survey Corps, a special ops organization in fact, independent from the BSDF. (CS2)

Responsbilities Edit

Personnel Edit

Organization and strengthEdit

First Fleet - the only fleet-level formation of the BSDF (as of 1922 PD). It consisted 36 superdreadnoughts.

References Edit

  1. Like other system defence forces, the BSDF was subjugated to the SLN in case of war. (infodump)

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